Régi Posta Restaurant


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Régi Posta Restaurant

“Régi Posta” is a Hungarian-style cellar restaurant, with a special historical atmosphere. This is sensed by visitors who find that the fully renovated building satisfying every modern expectation has also well preserved its historical values. Régi Posta tempts guests with real traditional flavours, dishes made from quality materials sourced locally, and with a kitchen satisfying the highest gastronomic demands, the guarantee for which is the master chef László Boros. On the one hand, the restaurant offers à la carte dining, and on the other hand, it is also the ideal venue for a relaxing evening in a pleasant atmosphere, for business meetings, birthdays and other celebrations, garden grill parties, outdoor cooking in cauldrons, receptions or other events.

Useful Information

  • Address: Debrecen, Széchenyi utca 6.
  • Email: info@regiposta.hu
  • Phone: +36 52 325 325
  • More Info: www.regiposta.hu/