Café Olé (Rodney Bay)

Saint Lucia

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Café Olé (Rodney Bay)

Overlooking Rodney Bay Marina, amongst palm trees and a sea of masts is Café Olé. Make a stop here and you'll be happily greeted by the friendly staff. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a ice-cold Piton beer while you wind down and admire the sunset on a quiet evening by the bay. Satisfy your hunger and devour one of the appetizing sandwiches on the menu or take in the splendid views while you slowly sip on one of the café's natural fruit smoothies.


Take a break from your tight sightseeing schedule on the island. Sit back, enjoy a nibble and a little something to drink. You deserve a breather at one of the island's best spots to sip on a cup of coffee, munch away at a tasty savoury snack, or slurp on a sweet tropical fruit smoothie.