Liz Roti (Rodney Bay)

Saint Lucia

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Liz Roti (Rodney Bay)

Currently rated the best place to eat in Rodney Bay, Liz Roti is an absolute treat and very low-priced. Liz is a local who, along with her husband, offers hungry visitors snacks and meals at her little home by the beach. You might find her walking up and down the sand selling her stunningly tasty rotis. Shrimp, beef, fish or chicken, pick your choice. Liz's finger-licking pineapple cakes are also up for grabs, amongst other mouth-watering sweet and savory delicacies. Don't miss the chance to pick up a treat that's delivered straight to your sunbed on Reduit Beach.


Saint Lucia's food scene is not only about the tasty meals, but also about the setting. In this Caribbean island of natural splendour, you can find some of the most unique outdoor spots for eating out. On the one hand, much of the appeal of the island's food scene is down to the popular homemade eateries set up on the white sand of tranquil beaches where you can try delicious Rotis and other local delicacies. On the other, there are some truly luxurious restaurants where you can feel like you're in paradise for the evening.