Spice of India (Rodney Bay)

Saint Lucia

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Spice of India (Rodney Bay)

This restaurant is a small corner of India in the Caribbbean and is one of Rodney Bay's finest restaurants. Whether you are familiar with Indian dishes or you are just up for trying something new, you should certainly give the Spice of India a go. Be it lunch or dinner, this hallmark of Indian cuisine in the West Indies serves every dish you would expect from a restaurant of its kind in its most delicious form. From chicken tikka masala to vegetable jalfrezi and caramel bananas with ice cream for dessert, the chefs' exquisite creations here are nothing short of exceptional.


Saint Lucia's food scene is not only about the tasty meals, but also about the setting. In this Caribbean island of natural splendour, you can find some of the most unique outdoor spots for eating out. On the one hand, much of the appeal of the island's food scene is down to the popular homemade eateries set up on the white sand of tranquil beaches where you can try delicious Rotis and other local delicacies. On the other, there are some truly luxurious restaurants where you can feel like you're in paradise for the evening.