I named my business after the town I live in. San Juan Capistrano is a small town rich with history including a California mission and original adobes from the 1770's. You may have heard of us...the swallows return every year from Argentina in March and then return to Argentina in October. 

I walk into our vibrant village daily where I run into my neighbors who own and patronize the small, local businesses. We take care of each other. I want you to have the same experience no matter where you live... I provide my travel consulting services in this spirit.

I specialize in river cruises, ocean cruises and guided tours. I have taken many cruises, including river cruising and have traveled throughout Europe, Israel, the Caribbean and Mexico.

I am an avid baseball fan (Red Sox!) and am on a quest to see all the major league ball parks...have visited 15 of them as of May 2018.

Reach me at 949-702-3977 for a complimentary consultation to begin planning your next vacation! 

If you love to do planning research...go ahead! Then share with me what you've found and together we'll be sure you're getting the best vacation experience and value. Don't have time to do your own planning? That's what I'm here for! I can put together itineraries quickly using specialzied travel agent software and save you lots of time.

I look forward to meeting you in San Juan Capistrano or by phone, email and text.