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Volt Egyszer

“Volt egyszer” (literally meaning “Once Upon”) is Debrecen’s first take-away café, opened in the vicinity of the Reformed Great Church. Guests sitting behind the two huge windows of the café on Piac Street will have an excellent view of the continuously evolving city, including the ambient atmosphere of the Christmas market in the winter. The choice of name is not accidental, as the proprietors would like to bring back the friendly atmosphere, intimacy and attentive service of old cafés, while putting it in the context of our fast-paced world today. Accordingly, the store was designed with coffee lovers asking for their favourite beverage “to go” in a paper cup in mind, but of course, they also thought of those who would prefer to enjoy their coffee there, on one of the 25 chairs. “Volt Egyszer” café is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a venue for meetings, company events, birthdays, a chat after theater, or just sitting down somewhere nice for a cup of coffee.

Useful Information

  • More Info: Debrecen Piac utca 16.
  • Phone: +36 70 3866825
  • More Info: www.facebook.com/pages/Volt-egyszer/196863703817700